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Don't You Wish...

Don't you wish someone sat you down early in your career or as a student and explained:

  • How the basics of saving works?
  • How to invest?
  • How to Set a budget?
  • How a mortgage works?
  • What a 401k is and how to allocate your paycheck?
  • What Mutual funds and stocks Are?
  • How to diversify and asset allocation?
  • How to use credit cards the right way to build your credit?
  • ... AND More.  Basic information that would have helped you be more efficient in running your everyday life? 
Our Process

Our Process

WE use the crawl, walk, run training methodology to develop fundamentals (much like in sports)

Workshop Training

Workshop Training

"Practice"... Meet once a week for 5 weeks.  Discuss basic personal finance fundamentals.  Each week builds on each other.

The Game

The Game

Online game simulation that goes 10 weeks.  Takes the "player" through real world, everyday, scenarios that involves setting a budget, having a job, paying your bills when notices come, and much more!

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